10 Best Texas Rappers of All Time

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Yow! Gather round, fam! It’s time to take a journey down to the Lone Star State, where the grills shine bright and the music slaps harder.

Texas, a place known for its big hats, oil fields, and legendary cowboys, has also birthed some of the most influential voices in the rap game – some to rival rappers from other cities like New York, Chicago and Philly.

With a hip-hop scene as diverse and expansive as the state itself, Texas has carved out its unique identity in the world of rap.

So sit back and grab a cup of that dirty Sprite, ’cause we’re ’bout to count down the 10 best rappers from Texas who’ve been holdin’ it down for the H-Town and beyond.

10. Paul Wall

Paul Wall, born Paul Michael Slayton, has been reppin’ Houston, Texas, since his debut in the early 2000s.

He first blew up on the scene as part of the colorfully named group, The Color Changin’ Click, alongside fellow Texan rapper Chamillionaire.

His unique style, signature southern drawl, and lyrical mastery on the mic quickly got him noticed.

The rapper, entrepreneur, and even occasional actor went on to drop bangers like “Sittin’ Sidewayz” and “Grillz,” the latter earning him a Grammy nomination.

His love for custom grillz, the diamond-studded dental accessories, is so profound that he even started a successful business selling them.

Wall’s charisma and relentless hustle have solidified his spot as one of Texas’s most enduring figures in hip-hop.

9. Mike Jones

When you think of a rapper who had everyone shouting their name, Mike Jones certainly comes to mind.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Jones stepped into the rap scene with an unforgettable marketing strategy — repetitively using his name in his songs and even giving out his real phone number in his track “Back Then”.

His debut album “Who is Mike Jones?” with Swishahouse Records launched him into the limelight, hitting double platinum status.

Known for his southern drawl and candid lyricism, Jones is most recognized for hits like “Still Tippin'” and “Back Then”.

His influence on the Texas rap scene and beyond is undeniable, as he took southern hip-hop mainstream.

8. Bun B

One half of the dynamic duo UGK (UnderGround Kingz), Bernard Freeman, aka Bun B, hails from Port Arthur, Texas.

Known for his distinctive deep voice and authentic lyrics, Bun B is a giant in the Texas rap scene.

His work with UGK alongside his late partner Pimp C pioneered a sound that blends gritty street tales with the laid-back vibes of the south.

Even as a solo artist, Bun B has been successful, his debut album “Trill” hitting the top of the Billboard Charts.

His thoughtful lyricism and commitment to keeping it real have helped elevate southern rap to the national stage.

7. Pimp C

Chad Butler, known to the world as Pimp C, was a defining figure in Texas hip-hop.

As one half of UGK alongside Bun B, Pimp C’s production skills and raw, unfiltered lyrics have left an indelible mark on the genre.

Born and raised in Port Arthur, Texas, Pimp C’s music always stayed true to his southern roots, crafting a sound that was a unique blend of soulful grooves and street-hardened rap.

Beyond his lyrical contributions, Pimp C was a talented producer, having a significant hand in creating the distinctive sound of UGK that would influence a generation of southern rappers.

6. Z-Ro

Z-Ro, born Joseph Wayne McVey IV, carries the title of “The Mo City Don” with pride. Named after his native Missouri City in Texas,

Z-Ro is a rapper, singer, and songwriter known for his soulful blend of singing and rapping — a style that’s earned him comparisons to the likes of Tupac Shakur.

His deep, often melancholic music touches on themes of poverty, struggle, and survival.

From his debut in 1998 with “Look What You Did to Me,” Z-Ro has been a steady force in the Texas rap scene, dropping over 20 albums and numerous mixtapes.

Z-Ro’s authentic storytelling and unique style have solidified his status as a staple in the Lone Star State’s hip-hop history.

5. Travis Scott

Travis Scott, born Jacques Bermon Webster II, hails from the suburbs of Houston, Texas.

Ever since he burst onto the scene, Scott’s fusion of rap, trap, and psychedelic music has established him as one of the most innovative artists of his generation.

His signature auto-tuned vocals and dark, moody production are instantly recognizable, making him a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Scott’s albums like “Rodeo,” “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight,” and “Astroworld” have become modern classics, demonstrating his ability to create immersive sonic worlds.

Scott is not only a master of the mic but also a shrewd businessman, with successful collaborations with brands like Nike and McDonald’s under his belt.

4. Slim Thug

Born Stayve Jerome Thomas, Slim Thug started making noise in the rap game during his teenage years.

As his name implies, Slim Thug’s towering height and lean figure make him a distinctive presence, but it’s his commanding voice and candid lyricism that have made him a legend in Texas rap.

With his early work with Swishahouse and the iconic “Already Platinum” album, Slim Thug has been dropping Houston anthems for decades.

He represents the essence of Houston rap, from his lyrical shoutouts to the city to his commitment to the local community.

3. UGK (Bun B & Pimp C)

UGK, an acronym for Underground Kingz, was a rap duo formed in 1987 by the late Pimp C and his partner Bun B.

Hailing from Port Arthur, Texas, UGK is one of the most influential acts in Southern hip-hop, with a sound that blends soulful samples, funky basslines, and gritty street tales.

Their 1996 album “Ridin’ Dirty” is a classic, and their feature on Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin'” took their fame to another level.

Despite Pimp C’s untimely death in 2007, UGK’s influence continues to resonate, shaping the sound of Southern rap and inspiring countless artists.

2. DJ Screw

Robert Earl Davis Jr., known as DJ Screw, was more than a rapper; he was a cultural icon.

The Houston native is credited with creating the “chopped and screwed” technique, a style of remixing where songs are slowed down and manipulated to create a mellow, trippy effect.

His mixtapes, known as “Screw Tapes,” were wildly popular in the Houston area, making him a local legend. Though he passed away prematurely, DJ Screw’s impact on hip-hop culture is immeasurable.

His influence stretches beyond Texas, shaping the sound of hip-hop, influencing the aesthetics of music videos, and even impacting the way we talk, with terms like “screwed up” entering the mainstream lexicon.

1. Scarface

Scarface, born Brad Jordan, is nothing short of a hip-hop legend. As a solo artist and a member of the iconic group Geto Boys, Scarface has been a staple in the rap game since the late ’80s.

Known for his vivid storytelling and deep, introspective lyrics, Scarface’s influence reaches far beyond his native Houston.

He’s one of the pioneers of Southern rap, proving that rappers from the South could be just as lyrically adept as their East and West Coast counterparts.

With classic albums like “The Diary” and “Mr. Scarface Is Back,” Scarface’s reputation as one of the greatest rappers of all time is well earned.

Despite personal and professional challenges, Scarface’s commitment to his craft and his passion for music continue to inspire new generations of rappers.

So there it is, y’all, a countdown as big and bold as Texas itself. From the pioneers who laid the groundwork to the new school innovators, these are the artists who have put Texas firmly on the hip-hop map.

They’ve shown the world that everything is bigger in Texas, especially when it comes to talent. Their stories, beats, and flows have echoed far beyond the state lines, influencing the sound and direction of hip-hop as a whole.

Remember, this ain’t just about making a hit or two; it’s about leaving a legacy.

And these Texas titans have done just that, changing the game while staying true to their roots. Long live Texas rap!