10 Best Country Rap Songs of All Time

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Yeehaw, GFID fam! Get ready to saddle up and hit that dusty trail as we explore the wild, wild world of country rap!

It’s a genre mashup that might raise a few eyebrows, but it’s been gaining some serious traction in recent years.

From cowboy boots meetin’ 808s to honky-tonk bars meetin’ hard-hitting bars, these are the top 10 country rap songs that got us vibin’.

Giddy up and let’s count ’em down, starting from number 10 to the hip-hop rodeo king at number 1!

10. “Kickin’ It In Tennessee” – Big Smo

Big Smo kicks us off with this southern-fried banger. It’s a laid-back, feel-good track about rural life in the Volunteer State.

Big Smo’s gruff vocals and the twangy guitar lick have got that authentic country flavor while the beat hits with enough punch to keep heads nodding.

9. “Country Sh*t (Remix)” – Big K.R.I.T ft. Ludacris & Bun B

Big K.R.I.T, Luda, and Bun B come together to put the dirty in Dirty South. They take us on a ride through the Southern lifestyle, with the remix adding a thumping bass line that’ll shake any set of speakers.

8. “Dirt Road Anthem” – Jason Aldean & Colt Ford

Aldean and Ford blend country vocals and rap verses to create an anthem for those who love the simple life on the dirt road.

The song perfectly encapsulates the laid-back rural lifestyle, creating a genre-bending sound that’s uniquely satisfying.

7. “My Truck” – Breland

‘My Truck’ by Breland is a fresh spin on the country-rap genre. The catchy hook, innovative beats, and Breland’s smooth vocal delivery make this song a trailblazer, breaking the mold of conventional country music.

6. “Chevrolet” – Hard Target x The Lacs

‘Chevrolet’ is a love letter to everyone’s favorite truck – the Chevrolet, and Hard Target pulls no punches in showing his country pride. From mudding to hunting and everything in between, this track blends country and rap in an energetic and addictive way.

5. “Chicken Willie” – Upchurch

Upchurch’s ‘Chicken Willie’ is pure country rap. With a banjo backing track and rap verses about living in the country, Upchurch delivers a gritty and captivating story, proving you can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy.

4. “Country Folks” – Bubba Sparxxx ft. Colt Ford & Danny Boone

Bubba Sparxxx was blending country and rap before it was cool. ‘Country Folks’ is a standout, featuring catchy hooks from Colt Ford and Danny Boone.

It’s a track that honors rural life, all over a beat that bangs.

3. “Cruise (Remix)” – Florida Georgia Line ft. Nelly

The ‘Cruise’ remix saw the unexpected pairing of Florida Georgia Line with hip-hop veteran Nelly, creating a pop-country-rap crossover hit.

It’s a feel-good, roll-your-windows-down kind of track that exemplifies the potential of this genre blend.

2. “The Git Up” – Blanco Brown

‘The Git Up’ is a country rap song that’s impossible to listen to without moving. Blanco Brown gives detailed dance instructions in the verses, making it the ‘Cupid Shuffle’ for the country crowd.

It’s fun, catchy, and a surefire party starter!

1. “Old Town Road (Remix)” – Lil Nas X ft. Billy Ray Cyrus

Topping the list, we have the inescapable, record-breaking behemoth that is ‘Old Town Road.’ Lil Nas X, with an assist from Billy Ray Cyrus, created a track that blurred genres, broke boundaries, and dominated charts.

It’s a catchy, fun song with a killer hook, proving that when country and rap come together, magic can happen!

So there it is, folks! The best of country rap, from deep cuts to chart-toppers. It’s a genre mashup that celebrates the best of both worlds, blending hard-hitting verses and storytelling with twangy tunes!

So whether you’re a hip-hop head, a country fan, or just someone who appreciates good music, these tracks are worth a listen. Yeehaw, and peace out!