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Self Made Man

God Forgives, I Don’t
set for July 31th release on
Def Jam Recordings &
Maybach Music Group

"Both physically and culturally very large" his voice sells, the way Sinatra once sold an implacable but supple kind of confidence...Ross's confidence can transfer easily to anyone's inner life, with a little suspended disbelief, and that makes him a kind of

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Rick Ross

(May 15, 2012 - New York, NY) Weeks ago, hip-hop’s elite gathered in a mid-town Manhattan hotel ballroom around the genre’s reigning boss - Rick Ross - in a show of unilateral respect and branding force befitting a man of his burgeoning stature. The occasion: the announcement of a July 31st release date for the most-anticipated album of 2012, Ross’ long-awaited God Forgives, I Don’t. Ever the consummate business man and boss, Ross used the occasion to promote upcoming releases from his growing Maybach Music Group empire; Self-Made 2, the solo debut from Meek Mill, and more.

“Both physically and culturally very large - his voice sells, the way Sinatra once sold an implacable but supple kind of confidence...Ross’s confidence can transfer easily to anyone’s inner life, with a little suspended disbelief, and that makes him a kind of motivational speaker. Feel as much like Ross as he does, and you become your own boss.” - The New Yorker

Though his past four solo albums have debuted at #1, in the past year Ross’ stock has risen faster than ever. The arrival of his instant-classic mixtape ‘Rich Forever’ - a self-released behemouth that some are calling the best rap of the year thusfar - and the constant barrage of new material, features and online content that he and his MMG cohorts flood the streets with daily, has taken Ross to a new level.
“We believe that Rick Ross is among the elite; one of the most talented and compelling artists in the industry,” said Def Jam Recordings president Joie Manda. “He’s done an amazing job of building his brand and image, and together with Def Jam’s promotional muscle and marketing savvy, we intend to elevate Ross’ stature across the board. It’s an exciting time to be in the Rick Ross business.”

“You can’t listen to any station that plays hip-hop for an hour and not hear a Rick Ross song... he is at the very pinnacle of street. He has started to exhibit the signs of mainstream iconic status - appealing to the full spectrum... Three of his last four albums have debuted at no. 1 on the charts. If his new record, God Forgives, I Don’t, doesn’t follow suit, it will shock everyone in the music industry who knows anything.” - GQ

“There’s Jay-Z, Kanye, and Wayne - and Eminem is the king of his own domain,” Rap Radar’s Elliott Wilson recently told GQ. ”And then there’s Rick Ross, right on that cusp.”

Not content with the cusp, and thoroughly determined to dominate the conversation, Ross has bossed up and partnered with the superstar Usher for his new single “Touch’N You.” Released to radio and online yesterday, the Rico Love-produced banger is the lead single from ‘God Forgives,’ and sets the tone for what will be Ross’ most epic, most ambitious album to date.

“Believe it or not, it’s been two years since Rick Ross’s last solo album Teflon Don hit stores. Since then, his stature in the game has grown exponentially, with the growth of the Maybach Music Group brand, his epic Rich Forever mixtape-arguably the best rap album of 2012 so far-and a handful of stellar guest appearances. God Forgives, I Don't will likely determine Rick Ross’s place in hip-hop history. The smart money says that Rick Ross will continue the growth curve he’s exhibited with his first four releases-but expectations are higher than ever. If this record does what it’s supposed to do, the Bawse will perfectly positioned to stake his claim as one of the greatest who ever did it.” - Complex

“Before I was ever in this position, I promised myself I would never take it for granted,” Ross told the expectant crowd gathered at his Manhattan press conference. “So that’s what I did with this project... it’s my best body of work yet. God Forgives, I Don’t is a very dark story... it’s extremely lyrical. The music is next level. I’m expecting nothing but the biggest results. That’s what’s needed, and I’m going to deliver”

Stay tuned for more on hip-hop’s biggest boss, Rick Ross, and the most-anticipated album of the year... God Forgives, I Don’t.

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“It took me 12 years to get on
and six years to take over.”

-Ricky Rozay

With the levying stature of a goliath and the regal standing of a King, Rick Ross has lived up to his prophecy of being the “Biggest Boss.” The Miami Monster Mogul has evolved into not just hip-hop’s most respected and revered MC (in fact he was voted MTV’s “Hottest MC” of 2011), but as a label CEO and business entrepreneur, his resumé is as sterling as one of his platinum plaques.

God Forgives, I Don’t is Ross’ fifth solo album in six years, following in the recent success of five star acclaimed masterpieces Deeper Than Rap (2009) , Teflon Don (2010) and classic team efforts with his Maybach Music Group Self Made Vol. 1 and 2. By now, everyone that follows what Ross does, has been conditioned to expect nothing but a prolific output of the highest grade of music.

In a career that reaches new heights every year, God Forgives…is a milestone, the most anticipated rap project of all of 2012, as well as being the LP that will be the definitive work of art of the past decade.

“Without exaggeration, you just don’t hear this high of quality or precision of music,” Ross says about his opus. “I’ve mastered the art of devising classic albums, but this by far exceeds my prior excellence. I owe this to the fans and I owe it to myself to be the undeniable best.”

God Forgives… has a seamless blend of party hits and street certifiable bangers surrounded by Ross’ passionate reflections on life and articulation of his journey to be a billionaire. On one of the lead cuts, “So Sophisticated,” Ross hammers down heavy-handed statements with a delivery as graceful as Michael Jackson’s penny loafers lighting up the streets in “Billie Jean.” Meanwhile “Touch N You” features multi-time Grammy Award winner Usher and caters to the women who have crowned Ricky Rozay as one of the most yearned for sex symbols in all of entertainment.

“Three Kings” feels like Ross’ coronation into legend status as he is joined side by side by the man who has garnered the title of Greatest Rapper of All-Time, Jay-Z and the Greatest Producer of All-Time, Dr. Dre.

Like every up and coming MC, Ross--influenced by Golden Era b-boys that reigned supreme in the late 80s--just wanted to be heard during his introduction into hip-hop in the late 90s. While the desire and the artistry have been Ross hallmarks from career commencement, he had to learn the fine of art of structuring record contracts as well figure out a way to market and promote himself to the public when his former record labels couldn’t.

Ultimately, Rick Ross’ time didn’t come until over a decade after he started professionally. He only needed one song to break through. 2006’s “Hustlin” which went from being a relentless street anthem to a pop culture catch phrase still used today, earned Ross a record deal with Def Jam, and became the catalyst for his debut LP Port of Miami. That album debuted number one on the Billboard charts as did Trilla which came less than two years later.

And while his core fans already were familiar with the superlatives or Rick Ross the artist, in 2009, we got to know how strong of man the music Kingpin was. Highly publicized rap battles and controversy over his street cred that started at the end of 2008, none of it mattered by the spring of the next year when 2009’s Deeper Than Rap dropped. The few that ridiculed had no choice but to jump on the bandwagon, when Ross elevated himself with refined raps and musical soundscapes, all the while never worrying about public misperceptions about his past. While other albums may have sold slightly more, 2010’s Teflon Don overshadowed every LP from any genre that year. It was the album you heard coming out every car, the album that dominated DJ’s playlist and the album that catapulted Ross to international superstardom.

Building on the next level of his fame, Ross’ hunger wasn’t satiated. He knew it was his golden opportunity expand his Maybach Music Group. In late 2010 MMG went from boutique imprint to a full fledged label, with the signings of Wale and Meek Mill as the cornerstones of the roster. Stalley and Omarion have since joined his core and have helped make MMG the most beloved brand since Jay-Z had Roc-A-Fella records 10 years ago. In early 2012, Ross released a free mixtape containing an albums worth of new material called Rich Forever. The popularity from the body of work was so fervent, Ross toured in the U.S. and overseas in support of the new set of songs and Rich Forever has since went on to be the most downloaded mixtape ever. Now with God Forgives I Don’t, Ross has his sights set on a brand new goals, to be the biggest boss and artist of all-time.

“When my career is done, people will look back at everything I’ve contributed, and not just speak my name in high regard with the best of the best artists, but they’ll also compare my contributions with the greatest executives ever such as Russell Simmons, Lyor Cohen, Clive Davis and Jimmy Iovine.”

God bless us all. Psalm 27: 1-4

  • I want to thank my entire family.
  • Thank you to all my #MMG cohorts.
  • Alexander Gucci Pucci Bethune
  • Maybach Films
  • Thank you Def Jam
  • Thank you Warner Bros
  • I thank each one of you who supported me and my team
    with your purchase.

I pray we all rich together.



The Untouchable Maybach Music Empire

We Taking Ova!!


And a special shout out to all my fans!!